3D Foam Sculpture

3D Sculptures, Statues, Stage Props, Trade Show Displays and more!

Planning your next trade show exhibit and want your booth to GET NOTICED? How about a large replica of your product, that’s easy to move and set up?  How about a 3D company logo for the showroom or lobby of your office?  Blockwire accurately reproduces just about any three-dimensional artwork in foam. Once our special hardcoat is applied, the sculpture will be just as tough and durable as our monument signs. Perfect for trade show or theater props, outdoor displays, and even showroom “bling”.


Don’t have any artwork for us to sculpt?

No problem! We are networked with talented, experienced 3D artists from all over the world who can create anything. Combine that with our in-house laser scanning capabilities, and we make it easy to create a perfect digital model of your piece. Plus, your model can be inspected from any angle, scaled to any size and combined with other elements, all before we even start cutting foam. We use some of the newest modeling software and computer controlled machines to precision cut your model, no matter how big it is!



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