Blockwire Manufacturing

Blockwire Manufacturing specializes in the design and production of the highest quality foam core monument signs, 3D signs and plaques, foam sculpture and other custom foam products.    Call 334-484-7901

Matching Monuments

A whole set of matching foam-core monument signs is on its way to Rockdale County, GA to mark important municipal locations throughout the county. Check out the integrated lettering and simulated brick and granite.

A Carriage for Kids

Children at the Troy Public Library (Troy, AL) got a new addition to their fairy tale castle room with a new "Cinderella"-style carriage built by Blockwire. The royal ride was first designed in CAD and then cut out of foam using our CNC router.

Michelin Man

A life-sized statue of the Michelin Man was recently installed as part of a company-wide 10-year celebration at the Dothan Alabama plant. He weighs just over 30 lbs. and was installed on a custom metal frame, bolted to a concrete slab.

Poolside Fountain

This very special fountain features 9 ft. of waterfall, 17 fountain heads, lights, a 10 ft. stair step cascade and stainless steel returns into the pool. The entire structure was delivered pre-finished, ready for plants and water.

3D Sign and Sculpture Materials

At Blockwire we use lightweight construction materials, state-of-the-art 3D software and equipment, and a little artistic talent to create custom monument signs, 3D sculptures and reliefs, props for movie sets or the theater, fountains and other high-quality decorative elements at an affordable price.

Lightweight 3 Dimensional Signs

A beautiful, lightweight three-dimensional sign with a finish that can simulate nearly any material, all with a tough, weather-resistant shell that's both durable enough for outdoor applications and portable enough to move anywhere immediately — that's what Blockwire can offer you.