Matching Monuments

Matching Monuments

Rockdale Brick 600 Rockdale Matching 600Rockdale Stone 600








Thanks to our new affiliation with, Blue Point Resource Partners in Dothan, AL, Blockwire was awarded a contract to build 10 new monuments for Rockdale County, GA. The 8 shown here are all the same size, 6ft tall by 8ft long.  There are 2 more signs to come, a 3-footer for the Board of Commissioners and an an 8x12ft monument with a light cabinet and changeable copy.

Although they will be scattered throughout the county at important municipal landmarks, all of the structures were designed to match each other. Some featured simulated brick and the others others got a new granite look, designed just for this project.

These just went out the door, so all we have is shop pictures, but we’ll post some photos on location as soon as they are available.

Thank you Rockdale County! We hope you enjoy your new monument signs.